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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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today, we're here to launch the construction of the new homes for the bay hunters community. today is the start for 14 hundred imply homes thirty percent of them will be affordable housing. and can you get a discount on getting a house. approximately 25 acres of parks and trails and open space with those spectacular views and programs to gunmen the community. small business assistance and home ownership opportunities and, of course, the preference of the shipyards artist colony. i'll so happy about that (clapping) >> there's much to celebrate so let us begin. we have an accomplished
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agreement and he works as willie brown chief executive city voirsz. he left the bay area a bit becoming the first african-american to hold a title in the national football league but he, he had to come back home to the bay area for this project. known for his bold vision and his can do vision. it can't stop cop but please welcome the president. (clapping) thank you, thank you >> thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you very much. good afternoon everybody what a
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great day in the city and bay view (clapping) and a, you know, this portion of the shipyard was constrained in 2004 and you can see we've completed the utilities and we have street lights. i'm proud to announce the beginning of construction right here on this hilltop (clapping) >> it's been quite a journey and and a complektd journey. we wouldn't be here but from the strength of our partnership. our partnership has required courage, conviction and commitment. so many of the elected officials have been courageous and structural in supporting our
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effort. at the federal level nancy pelosi and dining friend of mine at the scene have been wonderful. we have a - mayor willie brown took the lead at the local level and now governor newsom and now mayor lee. the last 8 years former district supervisors calmly so calmly engineered the critical approvals through the board. first with then president of the board erin and then but now
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president of the board david chiu. and, of course, the majority of the supervisors. and i thank supervisor cowen for her friendship. we have many evenings we chat about how to carry on this support. we have been fueled by the conviction of this community. the stalwart members of the advisory committee and the project area committee members led by my colleagues have sat through hundreds of difficult committee meetings and providing input to us and the commissioners who are here and currently on the commission and certainly those in the past. i commissions for several years and it's anchored by
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commissioner king. thank you for coming applause. but you know neither courage or conviction would have made this happen without funding. so, please indulge me to thank our ceo and some of our partners. we have also believed the best of the bay view and we have placed our resources alongside our belief. we've been fortunate to work with some folks. and others ms. roberta.
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(clapping). i can tell you without my colleagues and associates who reside me downtown san francisco the rest of the urban san francisco we wouldn't have that made it thus far. so courage commitment and conviction have delivered us to this great beginning. i'm extremely pleased to tell you that we begin today and in the next 3 six months almost 11 hundred market rate homes will be completed and occupied on this hilltop (clapping) 20 acres of recreation space will be available to the entire community. the artists will have a new studio building cementing this
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relationship with this profile property. candle stick stadium will be gone but in its place is will be the beginning of a retail and treatment center with a grocery store for the community. and perhaps most syllablely to this community and certainly to our public partners a hundred and 28 of the 2 hundred and 56 families that currently reside in another area will be living in tre homes (clapping) >> and those new homes will be on the alice parkway with the remainder of the homes to follow shortly after.
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so i can't tell you how pleased i am to be part of this transformation. i certainly look forward to seeing this dream become a reality. thank you (clapping) >> thank you. and what a day of celebration all over the plays for the mayor of san francisco today. mayor lee became the first asian american to be the first mayor. and throughout the day he looked for opportunities to courage opportunities for all san franciscans. he believes in the opportunity of parks and because of his work
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the golden gate park and the small neighborhood parks will have the financial resources to give folks time to spend with their family and friends and to protect and preservers housing mayor lee led this project creating a $100 billion stream of money for low income housing and first time home buyer assistance (clapping) >> and his goals and his core values are on full display with the parks and the open space and the housing please join us in welcoming mayor ed lee (clapping). >> thank you pam. >> welcoming to the bay view.
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oh, my gosh you've got to hear all my thoughts coming right now but i've got to say what's on my heart. we're in the bay view we're with people who are beautiful people out here many years comemented by the those views and we need housing. bay i'm going to get a pair of the glasses that willie's wearing. obvious mary a cowen has expressed all the names but i want to make sure we recognize the historic efforts by so many people from years and decades placed a lot of hope and tears and the hope was created to get
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to this point. i greatly appreciate them from speaker pelosi and congresswoman feinstein and to the hours and adheres that some of the folks did to put this together. we with the new commission on investment and 70 san we get to deliver on those promises not just talk about them deliver on them. that's how we honor all the people who have touched this development and project. every former planning director is here. yes, he helped us.
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so many people touched us. the only way to honor those folks is to deliver for the residents in bay view. deliver for a hope sf residents who want the hope and deserve it. deliver to this section of the city so no one can say we have unfultd promises. and deliver to others. and y c, d, and working with a b u they're going to be helpful in this they're not just going to do barbecues. we've get to get everybody working. this is why we do the projects in the not just for the business this is for the people. people here in the bay view and
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all over the city. we work with the one hundred percent of all the community in san francisco. in bay view we're proud of the patience and the com radical and the sacrifices people have made. and when you understand that the bay view planning committee the committee that was formed back when art was a mare. over 25 years ago they've been working for two decades to figure out what to do it the shipyard. everybody needs housing and we're going to get the housing for all classes of people here to create more community at the same time. not just you housing by the way. we're talking about community and housing but they need parks and open space and good transportation.
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they need the greatest world-class education this city can find. we've got to put all that together to build community. this is what the commission on investment and infrastructure is all about. i'm not afraid to say they've been there all those years. thank you for your sacrifices. (clapping) and even though the state got rid of that development. we've also done this right the people have also held us you t getable. pitting the promise first and we'll see to that that phase one
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is going to be completed during our lifetimes we're going to see 5 hundred thousand housing units on this shipyard how about that as a goal (clapping) >> in the morning promises. the dirt is being turned over at the buildings is being started. we're hiring local labor and putting people to work building the communities beautiful bay view we're lucky to be in san francisco. thank you very much (clapping) >> this project is firmly grounded on the foundation of community involvement and the key folks who were involved have had big challenges but they never gave up or wavered for a
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revitalized bay view community. dr. verna gave her heart and soul of the chair of the advisory you - how do you feel today. please welcome dr. honey cut >> i really want to holler we're so glad to see the vertical construction. good afternoon, everyone. yes (clapping) >> let's give glory to god for allowing us to witness this wonderful occasion the beginning of the vertical construction is in the shipper yard.
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i'm pleased to see the mayor brown on this poumd. your vision to revitalize this part of san francisco has laid the groundwork. you're the reason we're all here today. thank you very much (clapping) and we want to thank our great mayor edwin lee for his wonderful work to make sure this was a priority for the city and county of san francisco. our economy has sewer passed most of its counterparts in the country. we made sure that jobs were a priority in his area. he's listened to our concerns and received our feedback well.
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we thank you, mayor lee (clapping) and to this wonderful man of the hour mr. bonding solid commitment this shipyard wouldn't have made it thus far. mr. bonner i make us proud with your resistance we thank you for keeping us engaged and focused despite all the distractions. and to my colleagues on the citizens advisory committee your past and continued efforts have sustained our community. year in and out you have given our time commitment to this work. you have worked without - today,
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our work is repealing dividends. i would be remiss in i didn't introduce you today and thank you pam for having us stand up. so, please stand up (clapping) now we are pastor bell please stand up (clapping) okay. i i believe that richard is available. please stand up (clapping) and i'm seeing a member of our c ac (clapping) our other members
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(calling names) okay there are she is. scott please stand up >> the clerk will take the roll. this man massachusetts has been toil for years he's been leading this. and i believe i have called everyone's name whose on the c ac. so i want to introduce our shipyard staff. i, you know, this woman because she's the president of the southeast commission and she's a great woman ms. kennedy (clapping) >> and then our other shipyard
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members is michael please stand up (clapping). >> bridget and vincent. now our site office staff people
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. we must celebrate. thank you as we move forward together to revitalize the shipyard thank you very much (clapping) >> sophie maxwell served two terms. she worked tirelessly for more
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money to create opportunities for more san franciscans. this was to empower our residents. she continues to help with the children's education and is still a descending of good government. you might call sophie maxwell the warrior goddess. she never stopped and until her bay view neighborhood could joy the same opportunities like the parks and the affordable housing and the safe streets. without her courage and fortitude we welcome you sophie maxwell >> thank you both of you on the
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d s and out there. this is what collective leadership looks like and the collective determination looks like. this is what a vision that people in the community had and then it was the city become infected by the this vision. it put a lot of resources at least 3 mayors were infected and the assembly and the senate and then loots at least two governors and federally 3 president's. and about warrior goddess women we have the senate infected by this determination and the vision. and then the armed services the
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united states navy of america. can you believe that the vision and the determination so all one person or maybe 20 thousand can say oh, i'm home. i'm home. it's been an honor to be part of that. thank you all of you and thank everyone who will be and was a part of this thank you. (clapping) >> it's my pleasure to welcome supervisor mar are a cowen. she's actually on many city hall committees and boards. she was elected over the retirement system overseeing $17 billion.
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where is denise. $17 billion of investment money but here priority is her community. last week the supervisor helped with the family and musical and food festival. whether she's working inside or outside of city hall we know she's working hard to keep our district healthy and save. please welcome supervisor cowen >> yes $17.6 billion but whose counting. i look forward in entertaining a conversation that we will be able to have about using this
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funds making an investment in the community (clapping) we make investments all around the world with this fund why not no our own neighborhood; right? really putting our money where our mouth is. okay. i told might have i wasn't going to cry i am facilitated with emotion. we are bringing arts and cultural to third street and uplifting our artists and the works they produce and honor the historic legacy that the african-american community has made to the bay point community. this is a remarkable events
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here. it's focusing itself right here on this part of san francisco and, yes there will be growing pains but we will persevere. (clapping) now i'm to go back on script so i can remain composed. this project was composed before i was here but i know how much the jobs of affordable housing how much is means to us here in the community and how much it will mean to have open space and parks are well taken place of.
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it is the physical manifestation of request years of dedication by the community and the city and lamar urban it's produced something much more. it's produced leaders a few of them that serve on the d s behind me. it has produced businesses along the merchant corridor along third street and entities that are wholly commented to all things investing and uplifting our residents. it's no secret that our south eastern regions are challenged but today is the day we're moving beyond the fear and hated
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and hearing each other down (clapping) and really walking lockstep forward together into a prosperous future. but this project and the many other initiatives that the mayor lee and i have been working on. when we talk about bay view points we're not just talking about hardship and sadness we are talking about people real individuals and families that live and work in the neighborhood. this is why we spent more than a decade planning for this day and it's their voices that are shaping this significant investment. it's for them we'll continue to most of this project forward are i want t